Short Term Mission

Sometimes it takes a long distance travel away from home to encounter God personally. Many young people have had such an experience through short term mission trips. Serving the Haitians for a week, joining a medical mission team to Uganda Bethesda hospital for a few weeks, teaching English at Yienbien University of Science and Technology for several months, and helping missionaries in a foreign country during a gap year are just some of the examples of short term mission. This committee is assigned to develop and support short term mission activities (from days to a year). It will serve as a hub for short term mission opportunities and match-making between the mission field and volunteers. This committee will also develop UBF gap year program for those young people who want to take a year off (or a half year) between high school and college or during college years. It will be an invaluable time to reset their life by exploring the questions such as “Who am I?” “Who is God?” “What do I really want to do with my life?” under the guidance of mature servants of God. The committee’s activities include but are not limited to the followings:

  • Individual short term mission
  • Group short term mission
  • Gap year program
  • Recruiting volunteers and hosts
  • Training short term missionaries
  • Short term mission blog

Committee Members: Moses Noh (Chair)

Short Term Mission Opportunities

  1. English Bible Teachers: Puebla (Mexico), Bolivia (Santa Cruz 1), Nicaragua, Greece (Athens), Rwanda, Uganda, Ukraine (Podil), Tajikistan
  2. Korean Teachers: Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Tajikistan
  3. Music Servants: Bolivia, Indonesia (BSD)
  4. Medical missions: Uganda
  5. New Gen Vision Camp: in Prague, Czech Republic, 8/1-8/8
  6. Singapore, Job opportunity for short or long term missionary: Math teacher for Korean-speaking grammar and middle school students
  7. Short and long term mission opportunities in Qatar:
    • Doctors: Many US doctors work here with a better salary than in America(1.5- 2 times more in America). Hospital facilities are up-to-date and equipped with the best equipment such as in SIDRA (see website).
    • Nurses: Brother nurses can come here. If you are a US citizen, you can get paid more.
    • Professors and teachers: There are famous American colleges in Qatar. You can apply as a professor at Cornell Medical School, North East Media, Carnegie Mellon Computer and Biological Science and Management, George Till's International Relations and Politics, Texas A & M Engineer, VCU Arts and Design, and The University of Calgary Nursing. And there are many International Schools here, so you can apply as a teacher. Accommodation (villa) is supported and the salary is quite high.
    • Engineer: Oil and gas related companies can work in good conditions. Qatar Railway and Stadium (2020 World Cup) construction, you can come as a professional engineer.
    • You can have an athletic and sports-related (sports coach, etc.) job.
    • Qatar Airways (one of the top five airlines in the world) offer jobs that often appear on websites.

  8. Short-term, long-term and silver missions led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit

If you are interested in one of the mission opportunities (1-7), please contact us (World Mission Committee) at directly. Please see below for more details about these short term mission opportunities.

In Christ,

World Mission Department


Details of Short Term Mission Opportunities

Bolivia (Santa Cruz I)—Mateo Carmelo (Dr. Steban Cho)

[We are looking for a music servant or an English Bible teacher.]

Recent mission update from Santa Cruz I, Bolivia:

We thank God for raising 6 new disciples of Jesus last Sunday. Our discipleship course began on April 30, 2017 and ended on August 27, 2017. These were almost 4 months of training where discipleship candidates were trained in the following areas: Personal Devotion, Service, A Disciple’s Material Life, and Preaching. The course was led by Bolivian shepherds along with the collaboration of M. Esteban Cho.

During the 4 months of training, disciple candidates struggled to write Daily Bread at least 3 times a week. At first, they struggled not to sleep in but rather to write in the early morning. Little by little, they developed the discipline of doing Daily Bread and many of them began writing 4-5 times per week with much grace and love for God’s word.

Many of them struggled personally with professional job placement, future security (earning more money), worry over work and school studies, human love (establishing a family), and wounds from the past (divorce, being abandoned by their parents and rejection). As we ended the course, we meditated on how to overcome such struggles. They received Deuteronomy 8:13 and with God’s love all finished the course, and strengthened with much grace and a desire to personally do Daily Bread before God from now on.

Thank you for your prayer support. We are so happy to see the work of God in Bolivia! We pray that our country may be used as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation for South America and the world.