English Webinar Resources

The 1st Webinar : How to Apply Social Media Platforms to Your Ministry!

  • Date: August 29, Saturday
  • Time: 11am (CDT: Chicago), 12pm (EDT: New York), 6pm (CEST: Berlin), Aug 30 1am (KST: Korea)
  • Presentation Session (95 min):
    • Introduction to UBF HQ IT Online Mission Support Project (Pauline Park, Silicon Valley, USA)
    • 1) BE SAFE, NOT SORRY USING SOCIAL MEDIA (Russell Kille, Toledo, USA)
    • 2) YouTube use case (DaeHyun Choi, Gwanak 3, Korea)
    • 3) Campus Mission using Facebook (Charles Kim, Ryerson, Canada)
    • 4) Invitation case using advertisement function (Madeleine Min, Berkeley, USA)
    • 5) Live stream case using Facebook, Zoom, YouTube (Joshua Min, Chicago)
    • 6) How to use zoom for campus mission (Abraham Bae, Washington, USA)
  • Q&A Session (25 min):
    The Q&A is divided into the following 3 Breakout Rooms.
    Add the Q&A Session number you want to attend in front of the name displayed on Zoom, and we will assign it to the corresponding Q&A session.
  • Q&A Session 1)
     BE SAFE & YouTube
    Q&A Session 2)
    Facebook & Ads
    Q&A Session 3)
    Livestream & Zoom
    1) BE SAFE  (P.Russell)
    2) YouTube (Yohan Park)
    3) Facebook (Charles Kim)
    4) Facebook Ads (Madeleine Min)
    5) Live stream (Joshua Min)
    6) Zoom (Abraham Bae)

Presentation Resources :
  • 0_Introduction_PaulinePark.pdf
  • 1_Be Safe Not Sorry_Ressell.pdf
  • 2_YouTube_SNU3.pdf
  • 3_Facebook_Ryerson_CharlesKim.pdf
  • 4_Facebook_Ad_Madeleine.pdf
  • 5_Online Live Worship Service - English.pdf
  • 6_Zoom_AbrahamBae.pdf
  • Copyright Fact Sheet.pdf
  • Social media consent form.pdf
Due to copyright issues, If you need the materials, please contact us using the following link. https://ubf.org/ofcontact

The 2nd Webinar : Cases of Campus Ministry Using Social Media

Title: Cases of Campus Ministry Using Social Media
Date: October 17, Saturday
Time: 9am (Chicago,Mexico), 10am (NY), 7am (California), 11am(Sao Paulo), 4pm (Germany), 5pm(EAT, Uganda)
Presentation Session (60 min):
1) Facebook Use Case for campus mission (Pauline Park, Columbus UBF, USA)
2) Instagram Use Case for campus mission (Paul Cho, Suncheon UBF, Korea)
3) Discipleship training and use of "Band" (Abraham Suh, Asan UBF, Korea)
4) Virtual Church Ministry using Slack (Calvin Raveenthran, St. George UBF, Canada), (Abraham Bae, Washington UBF, USA)

Presentation Resources :
  • 0_2ndEnglishWebinarIntro.pdf
  • 1_2ndEnglishWebinar_Facebook_ColumbusCase_Pauline.pdf
  • 2_2ndEnglishWebinar_Instagram_PaulCho.pdf
  • 3_2ndEnglishWebinar_Band_AbrahamSuh.pdf
  • 4_2ndEnglishWebinar_Slak_Calvin_AbrahamBae.pptx
Due to copyright issues, If you need the materials, please contact us using the following link. https://ubf.org/ofcontact

The 3rd Webinar : Spiritual Growth Through Group Bible Reading

Dear UBF Mission Coworkers,
We will have a special Webinar on Saturday, March 19, 2022. 
The topic is “Spiritual Growth Through Group Bible Reading” 
Missionary Jean (Haejin) Kim in France shares how group bible reading has been really effective. He experienced the power of reading the bible when he started reading the Bible with his son and some of the 2nd gens in Europe for many years. The result is quite impressive. It is hard to read the Bible alone faithfully. The group Bible reading, however, encourages each person to meet and read the Bible together on set schedules. It has helped to build relationships with one another as well. Most of all, it grows personal faith and knowledge by reading and applying the words of God to their lives. We already had the first Bible reading webinar in Korean last year in 2021. Many people were impressed and requested to have an English webinar as well. And we are very glad to announce that we finally prepared it. Please see the detailed information below for the 1st English Bible Reading Webinar.
*Date: Saturday, March 19th, 2022
*Time: 10am (CST Chicago, USA), 11am (EDT New York, USA), 4pm (CEST Berlin, Germany), 
12am (Sunday, KST Korea)    

The listed time zones are applied after daylight saving on March 13
*Target Attendees: English-speaking leaders and 2nd gens
  1. Jean Kim (France, 20 minutes)
  2. Testimonies by 8 Second Gens (30 minutes): D*avid Shin (Czech Republic), S*arah Han (Austria), P*auline Lee (Denmark),  S*arah Sohn (Israel), E*lina Kim (Germany), J*ihye Huh (Portugal), S*amuel Woo (Greece),  S*uzy Lee (Greece)
*Q & A: 50 Minutes
*Total meeting time: Around 1 hour 40 minutes
- There are no small group discussions
*Moderator: J*ames Wood (UK)