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My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

  • by LA UBF
  • Jul 27, 2014
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My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

Luke 2:21-40

Key verses 30-31

For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations:

  1. Read verses 21 - 24. What happens to the child on the eighth day? (21; Lev 12:2-3) What else do Joseph and Mary do for him? (22-24; Lev 12:4-8; Exodus 13:2, 12) What do you think about the way that Mary and Joseph followed Moses’ law?

  2. Read verses 25 - 32. Who was Simeon and what had happened to him? (25-26) How was he led to meet the child Jesus? (27) How did Simeon praise God? (28-32) What do you think we can learn from Simeon and what he says when he is praising God?

  3. Read verses 33 - 35. What happens when Mary and Joseph hear what Simeon says? (33) What does Simeon do to them? (34a) What does Simon say about the child to Mary? (34b, 35) How might Mary’s life become difficult in the future?

  4. Read verses 36 - 40. Who is Anna? (36, 37a) What had she been doing in the temple for a long time? (37b) What inspiration can you find from Anna’s life? What does she say about the child to Joseph and Mary? (38) When do Joseph and Mary return to Galilee? (39) What happens to the child as he grows? (40)

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