by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/28/2001     0 reads


Romans 16:1-27
Key Verse: 16:20

1. Read verses 1-2. Why did Paul recommend Phoebe to them? Who was she? What does this show about Paul's attitude toward women coworkers?

2. Read verses 3-6. What do you know about Priscilla and Aquila and their house church? What does Paul remember about them? Who was Epenetus? Why was he so precious? Why does Paul greet and praise Mary?

3. Read verse 7. How does Paul reveal his humility? Read verses 8-10. Who are the coworkers he mentions here? How does he express his affection for them? What does it mean to be "tested and approved in Christ"?

4. Read verses 11 -16. What does he remember about these coworkers? (17-19) What warnings does he give? Read verse 20. What is his sure hope? What difference does it make to have the grace of the Lord Jesus with us?

5. Who are the fellow workers who are with Paul? Among them, what can you find about Timothy? About any of the others?

6. Read verses 25-27. What is the mystery hidden for long ages past but now made known? (Eph 3:6) In his benediction, what are his topics of praise and prayer?