by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/24/2001     0 reads


Romans 14:1-23
Key Verse: 14:8

1. Read verses 1-12. Why must the knowledgeable Christian accept one whose faith is weak? What are disputable matters? Why must we not judge others? Why might the Romans need this instruction?

2. Read verses 6-8. How many times is the phrase, "to the Lord" repeated? What does it mean to do something "to the Lord"? How can we make Jesus the focus of our thought world?

3. What do verses 9-12 teach us about Jesus? What does verse 11 mean? In light of these verses, why can we not judge or look down on our brothers? What must we do instead? (13)

4. Read 13-18. What are some of the ways we put stumbling blocks in the way of others? Why are our Christian brothers so precious? (15b) How can we act in love? Why must we?

5. Read verses 19-22. What must we make every effort to do? Why and how must we work for peace and mutual edification? (19-21)

6. What is the general rule of thumb about questionable matters?  (22-23)