by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/22/2001     0 reads


Romans 13:1-14
Key verse: 13:12

1. Read verses 1-7. Why did God establish governments? In what respect is the ruler "God's servant"? Why should everyone submit to governing authorities?  How can we win spiritual victory even living under oppressive and unjust rulers?

2. Why should Christians pay taxes? What other obligations do we have toward those in authority? (5,6,7) How does the sovereign God use rulers and governments to accomplish his own purposes?

3. Read verses 8-10. Why should we pay off debts? What is the one debt that remains outstanding? In what way does love fulfill the law? Why does love win the spiritual battle?

4. Read verse 11. What does it mean to understand the present time? How can we have prophetic vision? What must we do?

5. Read verses 12-13. What implies that life is a battle (12)? Why must we wake up? What must we do to win the spiritual victory? Why do we need the armor of light?

6. Read verse 14. How can we clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ? What should we not think about? How can we do this?