by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/20/2001     0 reads


Romans 12:1-21
Key Verse: 12:1

1. Read verse 1. What is "God's mercy"? What does it mean to offer one's body as a living sacrifice? (Ro 6:13) What is the worship God wants? (Dt 6:5)

2. Read verse 2. What is the pattern of this world? How can we not conform to it? (Lk 9:23) How can we know what God's good, pleasing and perfect will is? How can our minds be renewed?

3. Read verses 3-8. How ought we to think of ourselves? Why? (3) How ought we to think of others? (3,4,5) Why? What are the gifts mentioned? How should they be used? How can we see and respect the greatness of others?

4. Read verse 9. What is sincere love? What should we hate? Why?  Read verse 10. What does it mean to be devoted to one another?  What can we learn in verses 11-13 about how to be a good influence?

5. Read verses 14-16. How should we react and act toward those who take advantage of us? Toward those who mourn? Toward those who rejoice? Why? (15) Why is pride a hindrance to following Jesus' lifestyle? (16)

6. Read verses 17-21. Why should Christians not retaliate or seek revenge? How can we transcend the human battle and engage in spiritual warfare?