by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/18/2001     0 reads


Romans 11:1-36
Key verse 11:4

1.  Read verses 1-5. Did God reject his people Israel? In what respect was Paul himself a remnant? What lesson about God's grace does Paul draw from Elijah? [1Ki 16;18;19] Why does God spare the remnant? (4)

2.  Read verses 6-8. What happens when people reject God's grace? Read verses 9-10. What happens to those who become arrogant and self-righteous after receiving abundant grace?

3.  Read verses 11-16. How did Israel's failure result in blessing for the Gentiles?  How did Paul view his ministry? (11,12) How does the consecration of a remnant make the whole nation holy? Who is the root who makes all holy?

4.  Read verses 17-24. Why were some branches broken off? How does the ingrafting of the wild olive shoots reveal God's sternness and kindness? What should we learn from this?

5.  Read verses 25-32. What is God's hope for his people? Who is the deliverer from Zion? What does verse 29 teach about God's faithfulness? What do verses 30-33 teach about his mercy, and about his way of working?

6.  Read verses 33-36. What does Paul learn about God as he reflects on God's world salvation work?