by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/14/2001     0 reads


Romans 9:1-33
Key verse 9:28

1. Read verses 1-4a. How does Paul reveal his anguish for Israel? Why is he so broken-hearted? Read verses 4-5. What are the spiritual privileges God gave Israel? Think about the meaning of each one.

2. Read verses 6-9. Why had God's word not failed, even though Israel failed?  Why are children of the promise Abraham's true children?

3. Read verses 10-13. What is God's purpose in election and predestination?  What can we learn about God from his dealing with Rebekah and her twin sons? (See also Jn 15:16; Ro 8:28,29)

4. How many times are the words "mercy" and "compassion" used in verses 14-18? What does this show about God's basis for predestination in world salva tion? How did God use Pharaoh in his world salvation work?

5. Read verses 19-21. What can we learn from this parable about the Creator's purpose in each act of creation? Why should we not talk back to God?

6. Read verses 22-29. What are the two classes of mankind? What does God reveal about himself in his dealings with each? How has God chosen to exer cise his sovereignty to accomplish his world redemptive purpose?

7. What does verse 28 teach about the redemptive work of God? Read verses 30-33. Why did the Gentiles obtain righteousness while the Jews failed to obtain it? Who is the stumbling stone? Why does he save some and crush others?