by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/12/2001     0 reads


Romans 8:1-39
Key Verse: 8:17

1. Read verses 1-4. Why is there no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus? What does this mean practically?

2. Read verses 5-11. What are the 2 kinds of people described here? What does each think and talk about? What is the outcome of each lifestyle? How is it that believing the death and resurrection of Jesus makes us spiritual people? (11)

3. Read verses 12-16. To whom do we have an obligation? What does the Spirit do for us when he dwells in us? (11,13,14,15,16) How do we know that we are God's children?

4. Read verses 17,18. What is the Christians' glorious hope and world view?  What is the meaning of suffering? Read verses 19-22. Why and when and by whom was the creation subjected to frustration? For what is all creation waiting?

5. Read verses 23-25. What are we who have the firstfruits of the Spirit waiting for? Why must we wait patiently? Read verses 26-27. How does the Spirit help us?

6. Read verse 28. What does this verse teach us about the goodness of God?  Why must we know that God is good? Read verses 29-30. What was the plan of salvation which God prepared beforehand?

7. Read verses 31-32. How can we know for sure that God loves us? Read verses 33-39. How does absolute trust in God's love make us victors on this spiritual battlefield of the world? Think about what Paul suffered and believed.