by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/08/2001     0 reads


Romans 5:1-6:1-23
Key Verse: 5:1

1.  Read 5:1. What is the first result of being justified through faith? What does it mean to have peace with God? (5:9,10) (See also Isa 26:3; Jn 14:27)

2.  Read 5:2,3. What is the second result of justification? What are the things in which we rejoice? Our attitude toward suffering?  (3-5) What good fruit does suffering produce?  What is our sure hope? (2b, 5; 8:18) How can we know that it is real?

3.  Read 5:6-11. What were our lives like before we knew God's grace and love? What did God do for us? Why? What is grace and why must we remember it?

4.  Read verses 12-21. What is the crucial importance of one man? How did Adam change history? How did Christ change history?

5.  Read 6:1-10. What does it mean practically to be baptized into Jesus' death. (see also Gal 2:20; 6:14) Read 6:11-14. What two choices are before us? How can we be instruments of righteousness?

6.  Read verses 6:15-23. Why can there be no middle ground between serving God and serving the devil? What is the outcome of giving in to sin, living "naturally"? How can we grow in holiness? What is the outcome?