UBF Worldwide New Year’s Message / Mark 11:20-25

by Ron Ward   11/26/2023     0 reads


*Download New Year Message Bible Study Questions in Spanish and Korean: https://ubf.org/articledetail/17910

2024 New Year’s Message[1]

Mark 11:20-25 (Read 11:1-25) 

Key Verse 11:22, And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God.”

  1. Review 11:12-19. What did Peter remember and why was he so surprised (20-21)? How was the cursed fig tree related to the temple? What did this symbolize?

  2. What did Jesus say (22)? What did “Have faith in God” mean to the disciples in their context? How would Jesus’ words help them at this time? What does “Have faith in God” mean to us now?

  3. What does God do for those who have faith in him (23)? What obstacles should we overcome, and how can we do so? How does Jesus want us to express our faith (24)? What assurance does this give us in our prayer (1 Jn 5:14-15)?

  4. What hinders prayer, and what is the solution (25)? How serious is it to hold anything against anyone (Mt 18:21-35)? How can we forgive others (Lk 23:34a)? Why is forgiving others vital in pleasing God and forming a healthy Christian community?

  5. What faith does God want us to have as a worldwide community, a local chapter, and as individuals?

[1] The 2023 New Year’s message was “Together With One Voice, Glorify God” (Ro 15:6). It is our prayer to learn the mindset of Christ and work together across cultures and generations to carry out His Great Commission. In this way, we can glorify God. To realize this vision, we want to mature in faith, hope, and love.



*The 2024 UBF Worldwide New Year's Message script and video will be uploaded on January 1st, 2024.