New Year - Together with One Voice Glorify God / Ro 15:1-13

by Ron Ward   11/27/2022     0 reads


Romans 15:1-13

Key Verse 15:6, “that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

  1. What obligation do the strong have toward the weak (1)? Who are the strong and who are the weak (14:1,5-6,22)? What does it mean to bear with the failings of the weak? Why do we have to do so (2)?

  2. How did Christ set an example (3)? How do the Scriptures help us to follow Christ’s example (4)? What hope can we have?

  3. How does Paul describe God, and what did he pray for (5-6)? To glorify God, why is it necessary to be “together” and “with one voice”? As we pray for this, what must we do and how can we (7)?

  4. How did Jesus fulfill God’s promises (8-9a)? What does it mean that Jesus became a servant of the Jews? How did Paul support this from the Scriptures (9b-12)? How does “the God of hope” help us?

  5. How can we glorify God together as a community in 2023? What should we pray for?