(Upcoming) The Very Last and The Servant of All / Mark 9:30-50

by John Seo   06/13/2021     0 reads


Mark 9:30-50

Key Verse: 9:35, “Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

  1. What did Jesus continue to teach his disciples (30-31)? What does “delivered into the hands of men” mean? How did the disciples respond (32)? Why do you think they argued about who was the greatest (33-34)?

  2. How did Jesus address the topic of being first (35)? What does it mean to be “the very last and the servant of all”? What did Jesus demonstrate through a little child (36-37)? What are little children like? Who does Jesus want you to welcome and serve?

  3. What did John report to Jesus (38)? What did Jesus instruct him and why (39-40)? What does Jesus promise anyone who serves his people “in his name” (41)? How should we view anyone who serves in Jesus’ name today?

  4. Who are the little ones Jesus is concerned about (42)? What does “cause someone to stumble” mean (43-47)? How must we deal seriously with what causes people to stumble? How did Jesus describe and warn about hell for the unrepentant (44,46,48)?

  5. What do you think it means that “everyone will be salted with fire” (49)? How is salt good (50a)? How can we be salty (50b)?

  6. What do we learn from Jesus about being the very last and the servant of all?