Jesus' Teaching on Marriage (Mt 19:1-15)

by HQ Bible Study Team   05/21/2017     0 reads



(“For the Sake of the Kingdom”) 

Matthew 19:1-15 

Key Verse: 19:6 

  1. Where did Jesus go and what did he do (1-2)? What question did some Pharisees ask him and why (3)?

  1. How did Jesus answer them (4-5; Ge 1:27, 2:24)? What does Genesis 1-2 teach about God’s original design for marriage? Read verse 6. What did Jesus conclude and how did he apply it? 

  1. How did the Pharisees imply that Jesus’ teachings opposed Moses’ law (7; Dt 24:1)? How did Jesus explain Moses’ concession concerning divorce (8)? What was Jesus’ clear and serious teaching about divorce (with what exception) (9)? 

  1. What was the disciples’ pessimistic response (10)? What does Jesus teach about singleness (11-12)? How should we live whether married or single? 

  1. Why did parents bring their children to Jesus (13a)? How did the disciples react and why (13b)? What did Jesus teach his disciples to do for little children and why (14-15; 18:1-5)? 

  1. How is marriage, singleness and bringing children to Jesus related to the kingdom of heaven?