Repent (Mt 3:1-17)

by HQ Bible Study Team   04/22/2017     0 reads



Matthew 3:1-17

Key Verse: 3:2


1.   Read verses 1-2. Who was John the Baptist (Lk 1:13-17)? Where did he preach and what was his message? What does it mean to repent? What blessing comes to those who repent? Why was John’s message trustworthy (3)?


2.   What is the significance of John’s lifestyle (4)? How did the people respond to the message of repentance (5-6)? What does this tell us about the effect of it?


3.   How did John expose the motive of religious leaders coming to him (7a)? How did John warn them (7b-8)? What mindset made them proud? How did John break their pride and help them do what God really wanted (9-10)?


4.   How did John witness to Jesus (11)? Why do we need to be baptized by Jesus? What does John emphasize through the phrase “Holy Spirit and fire”? Why is it so important to produce the fruit of repentance (12)?


5.   Who came to John, where and why (13)? Why was John surprised (14)? How did Jesus explain and what does this show about him (15)? What happened (16-17)? Why was God pleased with Jesus?