Jesus Calms The Storm

by LA UBF   09/20/2008     0 reads


Jesus Calms the Storm

Matthew 7:23-27

Key verse: 7:26a

He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?”

Read verses 23-24a.  What happened on the lake?  What was the storm like?  What can we learn about the life of a disciple in following Jesus?

Read verses 24b-25.  What was Jesus doing during the storm?  What can we learn about him?  How did the disciples respond to the storm?  What does this show about them?    

Read verse 26a.  What did Jesus say to his disciples?  What does it mean that they had little faith (Proverbs 3:5)?  How are faith and fear connected?

Read verses 26b-27.  What happened when Jesus rebuked the winds and the waves?  How did his disciples repond?  What can we learn about Jesus?  What more can we learn about what it means to have faith in him?