Has No One Come to Give Praise God

by LA UBF   11/22/2008     0 reads


Was No One Found to Give Praise to God�

Was No One Found to Give Praise to God

(Thanksgiving II)

Luke 17:11-19

Key verse 11:18

“Was no one found to return and give praise to God except the foreigner?”

Read verses 11-13.  Where was Jesus traveling?  Who met him?  What did the men with Leprosy do?  What did they call out?  

Read verse 14.  What did Jesus tell the men with leprosy to do?  Why did Jesus tell them to go show themselves to the priests?  What happened when they obeyed Jesus’ words and went?

Read verses 15-16.  What did one of the lepers do when he saw he was healed?  What shows that he was really thankful?  How can we show our thanks to Jesus this Thanksgiving?

4.  Read verses 17-19.  What three questions did Jesus ask?  Why do you think the other nine didn’t return to thank Jesus?  How did Jesus bless this man when he returned to give praise to God?