Before Governors and Kings

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Before Governors and Kings�

Before Governors and Kings

Matthew 10:17-23

Key verse 10:18

“On my account you will be brought before governors and kings as witnesses to them and to the Gentiles”

Read 17-18.  Why do Jesus’ disciples need to be on their guard against men?  Who would persecute them?  What was God’s purpose for allowing persecutions to take place?  

Read verses 19-20.  Why might the disciples worry about what to say when they are persecuted?  Yet, why should they not worry?  

Read verses 21-22.  Who else would persecute Jesus’ disciples?  Why would all men hate Jesus’ disciples?  Yet, what must they do when they are persecuted and hated by men?  Why? 

Read verse 23.  What should the disciples do when they are persecuted in one place?  What does this say about how God uses persecutions to spread the gospel?  What event will put to an end to these persecutions?  How might people be persecuted today, including you?