Jesus and John the Baptist

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Jesus and John the Baptist�

Jesus and John the Baptist

Matthew 11:1-19

Key verse 11:6

“Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me."

1.  Read verses 1-6.  What did John send his disciples to ask Jesus?  Why did John want to ask this question?  What was Jesus’ reply?  What is the evidence that Jesus is “the one”?  Why might a man fall away on account of Jesus?  How can we keep from falling away on account of Jesus?    

2.  Read verses 7-15.  What six questions did Jesus ask the crowd about John the Baptist?  What was his point in asking these questions?  What was John the Baptists mission?  How did he carry out his mission?  What can we learn from him?

3.  Read verses 16-19.  Who did Jesus compare this generation to?  Why did he compare them to children?  How is wisdom proved right through actions through the lives of Jesus and John the Baptist?