I Will Go

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JBF Genesis Bible Study SWS 08/23/2009

JBF Genesis Bible Study                                                                 SWS 08/23/2009


Genesis 24:1-67

Key Verse 24:58

So they called Rebekah an asked her, “Will you go with this man?” “I will go” she said. 

Read V1-9. What was the situation of Abraham and his family? What mission did Abraham give his chief servant? Seeing the servant’s concern, what did Abraham promise his servant that would make his mission possible? 

Read V10-27. When he arrived in the town of Nahor, what did he do first? What was the specific condition he set in his payer? Who came right after his prayer? What can we learn from him?

Read V28-49. How did he respond to the gracious hospitality which Rebekah’s family extended to him? What was his point in the long account he gave them how he had met Rebekah? What was his conclusion? 

Read V50-67. How did Rebekah’s father and brother respond? Having been led to make a final decision, what did Rebekah say to them? On what basis could she make such a decision? What can we learn about God who made arrangement for this marriage? 


** Read Gen. 22:20 – 23:20 as a reference.