No Longer Jacob but Israel

by LA UBF   10/31/2009     0 reads


JBF Genesis Bible Study

JBF Genesis Bible Study 


Genesis 32:1-33:20

Key Verse 32:28

Then the man said, "Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome." 

Read V1-5. How did God reveal his protecting presence to Jacob as he neared his home country? What was the problem on his mind as he drew nearer home? Why was he so worried?

Read V6-21. For Jacob’s initial contact, how did Esau respond? How did Jacob interpret his messenger’s report about Esau? What did Jacob do then? What was his main prayer request? What does this show about his faith? After prayer, what was his new direction?

Read V22-32. When he was left alone, who was the man who wrestled with him until daybreak? Who seems to have won the wrestling match? What blessing and new name did the Lord give Jacob? What did Jacob name that place? Why? 

Read V33:1-11. How did Jacob arrange his family for the meeting with Esau? Why? Describe their meeting. How had God answered Jacob’s prayer? Why did Jacob say that seeing Esau’s face was like ‘seeing the face of God’?

Read V12-20. What did Esau propose to Jacob and why did Jacob refuse his offer? Where did Jacob decide to settle down? How did he establish himself there?