Joseph Had a Dream

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JBF Genesis Bible Study

JBF Genesis Bible Study 


Genesis 37:1 – 38:30

Key Verse 37:5a

“Joseph had a dream…………………..”

Read V1-4. Why did Joseph’s brothers hate him? What was his home atmosphere probably like?

Read V5-11. Describe Joseph’s dreams. What did they reveal about God’s larger purpose for Joseph? How might God use dreams in Joseph’s life? 

Read V12-14a. What was the errand Israel gave Joseph? How did Joseph carry out the mission his father gave him? What does this show about him? 

Read V14b-35. How did Joseph’s brothers come to sell him to Midianite traders going to Egypt? What were the roles of Judah and Reuben in this crime? How did they explain to their father, and how did this affect his life?

Read V36. What happened to Joseph? Read V38:1-30. What did Judah do after this? Describe his family life among the Canaanites.