Joseph Remembered His Dreams

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JBF Genesis Bible Study

JBF Genesis Bible Study


Genesis 42:1-38

Key Verse 42:9a

“Then he remembered his dreams about them…..”

Read V1-5. Why did Jacob send ten of his sons to Egypt? How urgent was their problem in Canaan? Why did he not send Benjamin? 

Read V6-24. Describe the initial meetings of Joseph with his brothers. What did Joseph think of when they bowed down before him? What does this show about his faith? Why did he accuse them of being spies? How did he propose to test them? When the brothers talked among themselves, what did they reveal about their burden of guilt? 

Read V25-28. What additional anxiety did Joseph give his brothers? Why? When they discovered money in one grain sack, what was their reaction? Why weren’t they happy to get their money back? 

Read V29-38. What report did they give their father? What was their reaction when the discovered the rest of their money in the sacks? What reveal the sorrow and fatalism in Jacob’s heart?