Alive Again

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Luke 15:11-24

Key Verse 15:24

For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.' So they began to celebrate.

Read verses 11-13. What did the younger son demand from his father? Why did his father give it to him? What did the younger son do with his share? What does Jesus’ parable represent here? What can we learn about our Father in Heaven and about ourselves?

Read verses 14-16. Where did the younger son go? What kind of life did he lead? What was the result? What does this distant country represent? When a famine struck the whole country what decisions could the younger son have made? What did he actually do? What can we learn about ourselves?

Read verses 17-20a. At his lowest point what happened to the younger son (17)? What did he remember about his father’s house? Describe the decision he made in verse 18. Why was he willing to become like one of his father’s “hired men”? Why is it critical that he “got up and went to his father”? What could have kept him from this crucial step?

Read verses 20b-21. How close was the son when his father saw him? How did the father react to seeing his son again? What does this part of Jesus’ parable teach us about our Heavenly Father? What did the son say and why is this important?

Read verses 22-24. What did the father want to do for his son? What is Jesus revealing about our Heavenly Father? What does the robe, ring and sandals represent in Jesus parable? What position do forgiven sinners have before their Heavenly Father? Based on the passage, how can someone be made “alive again”?

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