Get Up, Peter. Kill and Eat.

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JBF Acts Bible Study                                                                                Lecture 11

Get Up, Peter.  Kill And Eat.

Acts 9:32-10:23a

Key Verse 10:15

The voice spoke to him a second time, ‘Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.’

Read 9:31-43.  In chapter 8, great persecutions broke out against the church and the believers were scattered. (Acts 8:1-3 describe this)  What did Peter do to strengthen the church in Judea? (32a) Where did Peter first go? (32b)  How did Peter end up in Joppa? (38)  How did he show the love and power of Jesus in Lydda and Joppa?  How was God building up his church through these events?

Read 10:1-8.  Who is Cornelius? How was Cornelius different from other Gentiles? What does it mean he was ‘God fearing’? Why do you think his prayers and gifts had come up before God as a ‘memorial offering’? What did the angel tell him to do? How did Cornelius carry out God’s command?

Read verses 9-16. In the meantime, where was Peter? Describe his vision. Why was Peter revulsed at the command, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat”? What was God’s word to him?

Read verses 17-23a.  What was the meaning of the vision and how was it made plain to Peter? (28)  How did the men describe Cornelius and what did they ask Peter to do?  How did Peter receive them?  What does this show about Peter?