Daily Bread (How and Why)

by LA UBF   06/28/2010     0 reads



 Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread

(Luke 11:3)

I. Why do we do the daily bread?

1) To purify us (Psalm 119:9)

2) To nurture our soul (Deu 8:3; Psa 84:2)

3) To ensure that everything would go well with us (3 Jo 2)

4) To equip ourselves for every good work (2Ti 3:15-17)

II. How do we eat the daily bread? 

1) Before you enter the sanctuary

Prepare yourself to be in a repentant and restive mode (Matthew 11:28; Isaiah 30:15; Gen 28:11-14)

2) As you enter  

Enter the presence of God the Father and Jesus Christ through the Spirit (Numbers 7:89; Heb 6:20; 1Co 2:14)

2) After you enter 

Go through the four step process (Pro 22:17-18)

a) pay attention

b) listen

c) apply 

d) keep 

** UBF daily bread guideline 

(Prayer; Reading; Thinking [Meditating]; Writing; and Prayer)

The end