Go and See

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Go and See

Mark 6:30-44

Key Verse 6:38a

1. Read verse 30-32. Who gather around Jesus and what do they do? (v.30) When Jesus sees their condition, what does he say to them? (31) Where do they go? (32)

2. Read verses 33-34. What do the people do when they recognize Jesus and his disciples? (33) How does Jesus feel about the crowd? (34a) Why? (34b) What does he do? (34c) What can we learn from Jesus?

3. Read verses 35-37. What do Jesus’ disciples suggest? (35-36) How does Jesus answer? (37a) Why do you think Jesus says this? What do the disciples say? (37b) What do you think their answer shows about them?

4. Read verses 38. What does Jesus ask them? (38a) Why do you think he asks them this? What do they have? (38b) What does Jesus show them that he can do with what they have? What can this mean for us?

5. Read verses 39-44. How does Jesus direct his disciples to have the people sit down? (39, 40) What does Jesus do? (41a,b) How do his disciples help? (41c) How many people ate and were satisfied, and how many basketfuls of broken pieces of bread and fish were picked up by his disciples? (42-44)