An Exemplary House Church: Priscilla and Aquila HC12

by HQ Bible Study Team   07/05/2011     0 reads


House Church Series, Lesson 12


Romans 16:3–16 [Acts 18:1–3,18–19,24–26; 1Co16:19]

Key Verse: 16:5a

  1. Whom did Paul greet first? (3) How did he view them? How had they co-worked with Paul? (Ac18:1–3,18–19) What does it mean that they were fellow workers “in Christ Jesus”? (3)

  2. Note the six other places in the Bible where their two names are always mentioned together (Ac18:2,18,19,26; 1Co16:19; 2Ti4:19). In what ways did they work together? What was the source and nature of their relationship? (Jn15:1–5; Eph5:28,33)

  3. What did Paul mainly remember about them? (4a) How did this reflect the spirit of Jesus? (Jn15:13) Why is a spirit of self-sacrifice so essential in house church ministry? How did they influence the other Gentile churches? (4b)

  4. Where did the Christians in Rome meet? (5a) Note the other places where Priscilla and Aquila had been a house church (Ac18:1–2,19). Why might they have been in Rome now? (Ac19:21) What can we learn from them?

  5. Read Acts 18:24–26. How did Priscilla and Aquila personally help Apollos to be an effective gospel worker for the kingdom? What can we learn from this about one key function of a house church ministry?

  6. Note the origin and meaning of the word “church” (Mt16:18; 18:19–20). Think about the key functions of a house church (Col3:15–17; Ro15:1–7). How does the house church model inspire us to pray and work for the gospel in our time?

  7. In verses 5b–16, note all the people Paul greeted personally. How is his personal concern for them related to his prayer and vision for the world?