The Birth and Growth of the Early Church HC10

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House Church Series, Lesson 10


(The essential elements of house church ministry)

Acts 2:22–47

Key Verse: 2:42

* When the Holy Spirit enabled the believers to speak in other languages, note how Peter explained to the amazed people (1–21).

I. The gospel message: the seed of the house church (22–41)

  1. What were the four main highlights of Peter’s gospel message? (22–35) Why must our message include these? How did these events fulfill Scriptures? What does this tell us? (Gal1:11–12; 2Pe1:21)

  2. How did his conclusion explain who Jesus is? (36; Php2:9–11) How did Peter’s message convict them of their guilt? (36–37; Ac20:21) What did he help them to do, what promise did he give to encourage them, and of what did he warn them? (38–40) What happened? (41) How was this possible? (Ro1:16; Ac1:8)

II. The fellowship of believers: the fruit of the gospel message (42–47)

  1. Read verse 42. What four things are mentioned? What does it mean that they were “devoted” to them? (6:4; 18:5) Review the apostles’ teaching (1:21–22,3; Lk24:44–49; Mt28:19–20).

  2. What was “the fellowship”? (1Jn1:3,7; Jn13:34–35; 1Co13:4–7) What was the meaning of “the breaking of bread”? (Ac20:7; Lk22:19–20; 1Co11:26–30) That they were devoted to prayer? (1:14; Mt18:19–20) In light of verse 42, what are the essential elements for a healthy house church? How did God support their fellowship? (43)

  3. How was the love of Christ practiced among them? (44–45; 1Jn3:17–18) How could they be so mindful and generous? What characterized their meetings? (46–47) Why is it important to eat together with glad and sincere hearts? What influence did their fellowship have? (47b)

* How can you apply the teachings of this passage in your personal life and ministry, as well as to your view of God’s work as a whole?