My Soul Glorifies the Lord (The Song of Mary)

by Ron Ward   12/09/2012     0 reads


Luke 1:39-56

Key Verse: 1:46,47

1. Read verses 39-40. At that time, why did Mary go visit Elizabeth? (See verses 35-38) What was the mission God had given her? Why was she troubled? Why is it important to remember God's word in a time of crisis?

2. Read verses 41-45. How did Elizabeth respond when Mary greeted her? Why did the baby in Elizabeth's womb leap? (13,26) How was the Holy Spirit working in this encounter? How did Elizabeth's words encourage Mary? What can we learn here about Mary's faith? What can we learn from Elizabeth?

3. Read verses 46-47. Why did Elizabeth's blessing evoke such praise of God? Such personal joy? Read verses 48-49. How has God called Mary to participate in his redemptive history? (30-33) Why does God's calling bring joy? How are her love for God and her humility revealed? How does God's calling for you bring you joy?

4. Read verses 49-50. What does Mary say about God himself? To whom does God's mercy extend? How has God shown mercy to you?

5. Read verses 51-53. What are some mighty deeds God had done? How has he dealt with the vulnerable people? The powerful? What can we learn here about the principles of God's history?

6. Read verses 54-56. Why has he helped his servant Israel? What does Mary teach about God's faithfulness to keep his promises? Why is it important for us to know that God makes promises and keeps them? Why was Mary so happy (38,46)