by Ron Ward   09/07/2007     0 reads


Mark 8:22-38

Key Verse: 8:29

1. Read verses 22-26. Who did people bring to Jesus? How did he heal this man? Describe the stages of the blind man’s healing. What spiritual lessons can we learn here?

2. Read verses 27-30. Where did Jesus go? What was the first question Jesus asked his disciples? What was their answer? What does this tell us about people's general view of Jesus? Why did the people think like this?

3. What was Jesus' second question? (29a) How is this question different from the first one? How did Peter answer? What does "the Christ" mean? What did this confession mean to Peter personally? Have you made such a personal confession? (Ro 10:10; Mt 16:17-19) In what sense is this event a turning point in Jesus’ disciple training ministry?

4. Read verses 30-31After hearing Peter's confession, what did Jesus teach his disciples? How would Jesus fulfill his Messianic task? (31; Isa 53:4,5; Ac 2:24)

5. Read verses 32-33. How did Peter respond to Jesus' teaching? Why was it hard for him to accept? (Mk 9:31; 10:33,34) How did Jesus rebuke Peter? What does this mean?

6. Read verse 34. Who did Jesus include in these instructions? What does it mean to deny one’s self? To take up one’s cross? What does it mean to us to follow Jesus? (Gal 5:24; 2:20)

7. Read verses 35-37. What does it mean to save one’s life? To lose one’s life for Jesus and the gospel? How must we answer the questions in verses 36-37. How do you answer the questions Jesus asks in these verses?

8. Read verse 38. What does it mean to be ashamed of Jesus? Why are we tempted to be ashamed of Jesus? How can we who live in an adulterous and sinful generation live lives that acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Christ? Why must we?