KING OF THE JEWS (What Shall I Do Then with Jesus Called Christ?)

by Ron Ward   09/02/2005     0 reads


Matthew 27:1-31

Key Verse: 27:11,22a

1. Read verses 1-2. What was the decision of the religious leaders? On what did they base their decision? (26:62-66) What did they then do? Why? (Jn 18:31)

2. Read verses 3-9. Why was Judas seized with remorse? How did he try to undo what he had done? Why could he not? What did he do? How is remorse different from repentance? (Compare 2 Co 7:10) What did the religious leaders say and do?

3. Read verses 11-14. What did Pilate ask Jesus? What was Jesus’ response? How did he answer his accusers? Read verses 15-19. What did Pilate know about Jesus? How did he plan to avoid responsibility? How was Jesus different?

4. Read verses 19-21. How did Pilate’s wife advise him? How did the chief priests foil Pilate’s plan? How did the crowd respond to Pilate’s first question? (21)

5. Read verses 22-26. What was Pilate’s second question? (22a) In what way is this the question that every person must answer? How did the crowd answer? How did Pilate assert his innocence and try to avoid responsibility? What did he do? What did the crowd say?

6. Read verses 27-31. How did the soldiers treat Jesus? What was the ironic truth in their mockery? What can we learn in this passage about Jesus? About making decisions and taking responsibility?