by Ron Ward   08/31/2004     0 reads


John 20:1-18

Key Verse: 20:18

1. Read verses 1-2. What was the time of this event? Where had Mary Magdalene been the day before? Why did she go to the tomb? What startling discovery did she make? Did she go in? What was her immediate reaction? What did she do and say?

2. Read verses 3-9. How did Peter and John react? What does this show us about the character of each one? (Notice how John identifies himself. [2; 19:26]) Why do you think he speaks of himself this way? What is the significance of the empty tomb?

3. What did the disciples discover in the tomb? What was puzzling about the strips of linen and the burial cloth that had been around Jesus' head? What did John think about what he saw? What does the author's parenthetical comment mean? (9)

4. Read verses 10-13. After the disciples went home, what did Mary do? What did she see and hear? What reason did Mary give for crying? Read 14,15. When Jesus spoke to her, how did she answer? Why didn't she recognize him?

5. Read verses 16-18. When did she recognize him? What does this scene reveal about Jesus and about Mary? What mission did Jesus give Mary? What did this message mean? What was the good news she told them? (18)

6. What can we learn from Mary about love and faithfulness? How did Jesus help her human love and faithfulness grow into faith? Why do you think that God used her as the first witness to the resurrection?