by Sarah Barry   01/30/2000     0 reads



Acts 27:1-44 #28

Key Verse: 27:24,25

1. Read verses 1-12. Who was with Paul on the ship? What was their final destination? What was the first stop? How was God providing for Paul? What was the second stop?

2. Describe the journey from Myra to Crete? Why did they decide not to winter in Fair Havens? What was Paul’s warning?

3. Read verses 13-20. Describe the storm that struck. How did the men fight to survive in the storm? What was their last effort? How long did the storm rage and what does it mean that they gave up all hope of being saved?

4. Read verses 21-26. How did Paul take charge of the ship? How did he plant hope? How could he be so confident? What did he predict?

5. Read verses 27-38. How long had they been driven by the winds across the Adriatic Sea? How did they know that they were near land? Why was this dangerous? What instructions did Paul give? How did he plant hope and courage? How did they prepare to abandon ship?

6. Read verses 39-44. What happened to the boat? How did the centurion save Paul? How did Paul’s promise (23,34,) prove true? How had Paul learned and planted faith that overcomes?