by Sarah Barry   01/30/2000     0 reads



Acts 25:1-27   #26

Key Verse: 25:11

1.   Read verses 1-12. Who was Festus? (24:27) Why did the Jews want Paul returned to Jerusalem? (3; 23:12-14)

2.   What happened when Paul was brought before Festus? What charges were made against him? What request did Festus make of him? How did he defend himself?

3.   Why did Paul appeal to Caesar? How could he do this? How, then, was the venue of the trial set? Why was this important?

4.   Read verses 13-16. When King Agrippa II and his “sister” Bernice arrived at Caesarea to greet Festus, what did Festus tell him about Paul and about the intentions of the Jews?

5.   Read verses 17-21. How did Festus understand the issues regarding Paul? Why did he ask Paul to stand trial in Jerusalem? How had Paul responded and what was Festus’ decision?

6. Read verses 22-27. How did Festus describe Paul’s case to King Agrippa? What was now Festus’ dilemma? (26-27) What do the various comments about Paul in this chapter reveal about his faith and his life?