by Sarah Barry   01/30/2000     0 reads


                          TAKE COURAGE. YOU MUST TESTIFY TO ME IN ROME

Acts 23:1-35

Acts 23:11

1.   Read 22:30-23:1. Why was Paul brought before the Sanhedrin? What was the Sanhedrin? What were his opening words? What do they show about him?

2.   Read verses 2-5. How did the high priest respond to Paul’s opening statement? Why did Paul’s words anger him? What was Paul’s response? How did Paul show his knowledge of and respect for the technicalities of the law?

3.   Read verses 6-11.  How did Paul turn the Sanhedrin into a confusing battle? How did he escape? How did God encourage him?

4.   Read verses 12-15. How did the Jews plan to get rid of Paul? Read verses 16-22. How was their plot thwarted? What does this show about God’s sovereignty? What part did Paul’s nephew play in this event?

5.   Read verses 20-24. How was it that Paul was sent to Caesarea? How can we see God’s hand working in these events?

6.   Read verses 24-30. How did the commander in Jerusalem explain to governor Felix his purpose in sending Paul to Caesarea? What does this show about him?

7.   Who accompanied Paul? What was the response of Governor Felix when he received the letter and saw Paul? What can we learn about God’s ways of protecting his people and about how he uses men to carry out his plans?