by Sarah Barry   01/14/2000     0 reads



John 21:1-14 #49

Key Verse: 21:12

1. Read verses 1-3. To what does "Afterward" refer? Where did this third resurrection appearance occur? Who was there?

2. Why did Peter decide to go fishing?  Why do you think they all followed? What was their spiritual condition? What was the result of their all night fishing?

3. Read verses 4-6. Why didn't the disciples recognize Jesus? How did he greet them and restore their fishing failure? Why did they need this?

4. Of what previous event does this remind us? (Lk 5:4-6) What does this tell us about Jesus’ purpose in appearing to his disciples in this way? 

5. Read verses 7-8. Who recognized Jesus first? What did Peter and the others do?  Why was Peter so excited? What does this incident reveal about Peter and about Jesus?

6. Read verses 9-14. How did Jesus serve his disciples? What was his purpose in doing this? What does this show about Jesus’ way of shepherding his disciples? Of what previous events might the disciples be reminded? How did the disciples respond?

7. Why did they need to be reassured of his unchanging love? What can we learn from Jesus?