by Sarah Barry   01/14/2000     0 reads


                                   AS THE FATHER SENT ME, I AM SENDING YOU

John 20:19-31

Key Verse: 19:21

1. Read verse 19. What is the time and place of this event? Who was present? What had happened earlier in the day?  What was the atmosphere of the room? Why? Why did Mary’s testimony make no difference to the disciples?

2. What happened that surprised everyone? How could Jesus come in through locked doors? What did he say to the disciples? Why did they need to hear his words?

3. Read verses 20. What did Jesus do? Why? How was the atmosphere of the room changed? Why?

4. Read verses 21-23. Why did Jesus repeat his greeting? What mission did he give the disciples? How did he equip them for the task? How must they prepare? How is forgiveness related to their mission? Why is it so important?

5. Read verses 24-25. Who was missing from the room when Jesus visited first? How did he respond to the news of Jesus’ resurrection? What is the problem that Thomas’ attitude exposes? 

6. Read verses 26-29. How did Jesus help Thomas? What was his confession of faith? In what way is this a fitting climax to John’s gospel? What blessing does Jesus give to us who have not seen Jesus with physical eyes, but have read this book and believed in Jesus? (30-31) What was John’s purpose in writing?