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John 16:5-33 #42

Key Verse: 16:33

Study Questions


1. Read verses 5-7. Where was Jesus going? Why was it to the disciples' advantage that he go? Why could the Holy Spirit not come unless he left?

2. Read verse 8-11. About what does the Holy Spirit convict the world? Think about sin, righteousness and judgment. What is the greatest sin? How does his going to the Father reveal righteousness? Why does the prince of this world stand condemned? (Jn 12:31;14:30)


4. Read verses 12-15. Why must disciples continue learning and growing? What does the Holy Spirit teach? How does he bring glory to Jesus? How does dependance on the Spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit make disciples truly free?

5. Read verses 16-22. What did Jesus mean by "In a little while" and "after a little while"? Why does he compare his imminent departure to childbirth? What will be the cause of their grief? of their joy?

6. Read verses 23-24. What does Jesus promise? What had the disciples' prayer life been like before? What change would Jesus' death and resurrection make? Read verses 25-28. Why must we pray? Why pray in Jesus’ name?


7. Read verses 29-33. What is the point that the disciples finally grasped? Why is this so important? How did Jesus equip them to meet the coming difficulties? What was Jesus' personal faith and assurance? What is our assurance of victory?




John 16:5-33 #42

Key Verse: 16:33

Jesus talked about love and hate in Chapter 15. Jesus came because of love. His disciples must love God and love one another. The world would hate disciples of Jesus, for they are not of the world. Religious people would persecute them because religion is man-made. Religious people cannot recognize the work of the living God. In this chapter, Jesus teaches his disciples the work of the Holy Spirit. The disciples had a hard time accepting Jesus words about his going away. He wanted them to know that even though he left them physically, he would remain with them and in them forever.

Independent faith through the Holy Spirit (5-11). Jesus told his disciples that it was for their good that he was going away. How could this be? There are several reasons. As long as Jesus was with them in the flesh, they depended on him for decisions, guidance, help with problems, etc. When he leaves, they must seek resources within themselves. Those resources he would give them. He promised to send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is called the Counselor. He comes to dwell within the heart of the believer. He is the one who gives new birth into the spiritual world. He is the one who is the source of wisdom and power. He supplies love that is sufficient to love even unlovely people.

Convicts of sin. According to verses 8-11 there is one very specific thing which the Holy Spirit does. He convicts the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment. The world is guilty of unbelief; the world could not bear with the righteous Jesus; by his death at the hands of Satan working through evil men the world stands condemned.

Guides into all truth. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. He leads us into all truth. Jesus taught his disciples for three years. They must continuing learning and growing for the rest of their lives. Their teacher is the Holy Spirit. His text book is the Bible–he does not speak on his own. The main content of his teaching is Jesus. He will bring glory to Jesus by making Jesus’ heart and mind and will known to his disciples in every time of change or crisis.

Turns grief to joy. When Jesus said that he was going away, the disciples were full of grief. Jesus told them that their pain and grief would soon turn to joy. His crucifixion would bring them unimaginable sorrow and grief. His resurrection would fill them with joy. Repentance of sin would cause them godly sorrow. Forgiveness would fill them with the love of God and great joy. A woman in labor suffers great pain; but when the baby is born she forgets the pain and is full of joy. Life without Jesus was sorrowful and meaningless. But the Holy Spirit would fill them with joy and meaning and direction for life.

Teaches them to pray. The disciples did not pray much. Jesus did all the praying while they slept. Now, with Jesus gone in the flesh, they had to pray. The Holy Spirit teaches us to pray and enables us to pray.

Jesus disciples finally realized that Jesus came from God. They no longer doubted his true identity. Everything he said was true. Every promise he made he would keep. They did not know how weak they were. They would all run away because they feared death. But Jesus would not be alone. God would be with him. Jesus told them these things so that they might have peace. In the world they would have trouble, but in Jesus they would have peace because Jesus overcame the world.