Dear precious UBF coworkers,
Thank God for his great work among us in this new wave of the Covid pandemic. We believe that God will do great things through our prayers and mission life for the glory of him. The 8th Online Forum in Spanish will take place on Friday, July 23rd. The theme will be "Inner healing by the words of God" We hope that you will join us in reflecting on this important topic and understanding how we can receive and also serve the work of inner healing through the words of the Lord. See details below.

Forum topic: "Inner healing by the words of God"
*Date: Friday, July 23, 2021
*Time: 7 pm (GT, HN, NI, SV), 8 pm (MX, CO, EC, PE, PA), 9 pm (BO, DO, VE, CL, PY), 10 pm (AR, BR, UY)
Topics & Panelists:
1. Inner healing through the word of God when writing biblical testimony - M. Juan Carlos Vivas (La Plata, Argentina)
2. God heals wounds with his word-Father Mateo Arebalo Cruz (Bolivia)
Moderator: M. Isaac Park (Iztacala, Mexico)