Korean Forum

The 2nd Forum: “Campus Evangelism and Discipleship Strategy in the Post Covid-19 Era”

  • Date: Saturday, August 1, 2020
  • Time: 9am (EDT), 8am (CDT), 3pm (CEST), 10pm (KST) (Rescheduled one hour earlier)
  • Target Attendees: Korean Missionaries and Leaders
  • Panelists: P. Moses Yoon (General Director), P. Nehemiah Kim (Gwangju UBF), Dr. Joseph Cho (LA UBF)
  • Moderator: TBD
  • Language: Korean
  • Platform: Zoom (A Zoom Link will be sent to your email you registered)

두번째 포럼: Covid-19 시대의 캠퍼스 선교와 제자양성 전략

  • 날짜: 2020년 8월 1일(토요일)
  • 시간: 오전9시(뉴욕), 8시(시카고), 오후3시(독일), 오후10시(서울) (1차보다 한시간 일찍 시작합니다)
  • 발표자: 윤모세 선교사(세계대표), 김느헤미야 목자(광주UBF), 조요셉 선교사(LA)
  • 진행자: TBD
  • 진행방법: Zoom (신청하신 이메일로 Zoom Link 발송 예정)

English Forum

Topic: “Great Awakenings in America and their Implications for the Post Covid-19 Era”

  • English Forum Details will be announced soon.