Teaching to Obey Individually and in Community (Questions)

10/31/2016     0 reads  
Discipleship LDW 3-5

by Kevin Albright, David K. Lee, David Won




1. Why do Jesus’ disciples need to be taught to obey his commands? (Jn 8:31-32, Ga 2:20)

2. Who teaches Jesus’ disciples? (Mt 17:5, Ro 8:9-17, 2Ti 3:16, Ac 2:42)

3. What are the things to teach to his disciples? (1Co 2:2)

4. How should disciple-makers teach Jesus’ disciples? (Jn 10:14,27, 1Thess 2:7-12, 1Pe 5:2-3)


5. Why is obeying Jesus out of love an indicator of his authentic disciples? (Jn 14:15; Mt 7:2; Lk 11:28; Jas 2:26)


6. What is the promise of Jesus to those who obey him? (Mt 28:20b; Jn 14:16,23)