Calling and Finding (Questions)

10/31/2014     0 reads  
Discipleship LDW 1-2

by Teddy Hembekides, Abraham McIlhenny, Andrew Christopher



  1. What did God’s calling look like in Abraham and Moses? (Ge 12:1-2; Ex 3:1-10) Why do we need God’s calling? (2Ti 1:9: Ecc 1:2) How is God’s calling a source of assurance and promise for the Christian? (Jn 15: 16)

  2. Do you believe that your life can be a world changer? What despair and life limitations did Abraham, Jeremiah and Timothy struggle with before they had God’s calling? (Ge 15:2; Jer 1:7; 1Ti 4:12) How does God’s calling help us to make the best use of our lives on earth? (Eph 5:15-16; Mt 10:16; Jn 9:4) How does God’s calling help us to live for something greater than ourselves?

  3. How much can you say about your calling and purpose of life with certainty? What kind of people to you think God calls? What Scriptures have led you on a path to God’s calling in your life? Do you see a need for the gospel that needs to be filled by you personally?