(Germany) Joint Fall Bible Conference of UBF Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Duesseldorf from November 12th to 14th, 2021

Period : 11-12 ~ 11-14-2021

by UBF HQ   11-10-2021   0 reads

The distance between Düsseldorf and Frankfurt and Darmstadt is more than 200 km, but we have regularly nice fellowship for example by celebrating New Year's Eve with God's word and singing praises. We have celebrated Bible conferences together for years. God gave us the desire to learn and renew the calling as Royal Priesthood through a joint online Fall Bible Conference.

In detail, as follows:
Which UBF centers and House Church: Darmstadt I & II, Frankfurt I and Duesseldorf, and a House Church
When: Nov 12th ~ 14th, 2021 (Friday evening ~ Sunday evening)
Title of the Conference: You are Royal Priesthood
Welcome Greeting: Dr. Moses Lee & S. Knut Rohrmoser
Preachers: J*ohanna (Duesseldorf), E*lina & H*ana (Darmstadt), M*ose (Frankfurt)
Programs: Group Bible Studies, Messages, Life Testimonies, Reflection, and Various Programs and Special Lecture on the Bible Reading Program (Shin Ok)

Prayer Topics:
- Preachers, Group Bible Study Leaders, Life Testimonies, Reflections, and Special Lecture
- More than 50 participants and work of the Holy Spirit through God's Word (1Peter 1-3)
- Learn and renew calling as Royal Priesthood and Bible Teachers for students and young generation
- Graceful Bible studies and an encouraging fellowship of love
- Servants of the chapter leaders Dr. M*oses Lee, K*nut Rohrmoser, M. J*osua Kim, and T*imotheus Yoon