UBF HQ Online School


Ideally these classes are intended for chapter directors and ministry leaders. For other applicants, a chapter director’s recommendation is required.

Church History 1 or 2; or Bible Doctrine classes

(Bible Doctrine classes can be taken in any order. Church History 1 covers the time period up to the Reformation, then Church History 2 covers from the Reformation up to the present. Either can be taken first.)

(It depends on your reading speed. It will require about 30-40 pages of reading per week which is about 2-3 hours. In addition, two 10-minute exams must be taken every other week. Also, a posted discussion forum is required every other week (about 15 minutes). For Bible Doctrine classes a short essay prayer is required every other week (about 15 minutes).

(UBF will issue a certificate of completion for those who pass all the courses of the HQ Online School program with an average score of 80% or higher for each class.)

(Log in at the Enrollment section through your ID and apply for the course you want to enroll in. A short intro about you is needed. You will receive an invitation to enroll in the course through blackboard.coursesites.com.)