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Offering Funds: Click one of following funds to Donate to UBF (University Bible Fellowship)

  • Where most needed 
  • Medical Relief – Provides financial assistance for the medical needs of missionaries and native leaders serving mission work in all corners of the world.
  • Financial Relief – Provides financial assistance for overseas missionaries who are in great difficulty of self-supporting. 
  • Overseas Missions – The general fund to provide for overseas conferences, workshops, retreats, discipleship, staff development, and Bible study materials.
  • Education/Scholarship Fund – This fund provides financial support for educating children of overseas missionaries.
  • CME (Continuing Missionary Education) - This fund provides for education and training of missionaries and native Bible teachers. For example, Bible study materials, lectures, seminary, and other kinds of practical help received through visiting, conferences and workshops.
  • UBF Press - This fund supports publish various media, including books, audio/video and internet materials.
  • Uganda Medical Mission – Support medical and discipleship ministry in Uganda (Dr. Luke Lim).
  • Training and Retreat Center – To help purchasing the land and constructing a facility to train/educate leaders and missionary candidates, and to host front line missionaries for refreshment and recharge.
  • Assistance Program - The assistance program provides critical financial needs to eligible UBF members and their families and to qualifying retired members and their families. 
  • Chicago UBF – An offering to the Chicago chapter, the home church of University Bible Fellowship International.