Passage: Mark 10:32~45  

Key verse: 45

1. The power of the gospel (32-34)

Jesus was going to Jerusalem to die for the sins of the world. The disciples were frightened by his quiet determination. Once more Jesus told them that he must die a shameful death--and that he would rise again in three days. This is the heart of the gospel. This gospel is the power of God for salvation (Ro 1:16).

2. Jesus came to serve and give his life (35-45)

The disciples didn't understand that Jesus had come to give his life as a ransom sacrifice. They still had dreams of the power and glory of an earthly messianic kingdom. His cup was the cup of suffering, and his baptism, the baptism of death. They thought they were ready to die with him, but when the moment of truth came at his arrest, they all ran away. Jesus taught them that true greatness is being like Jesus--not like Caesar. The life of a disciple must be serving and life-giving, for Jesus came to give his life.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Jesus who gave his life for me. Help me to live a giving, serving, loving life for his sake.

One Word: To give his life