Passage: Mark 10:17~31  

Key verse: 21

1. One thing you lack (17-22)

The rich young man thought he was good because he had kept the commandments. But he knew that did not have eternal life. Jesus showed him that he was not good, for he did not love his neighbor as himself. He needed to repent and come to Jesus, the Savior. Jesus invited him to follow him and live a life of discipleship. But he went away sad. He thought he would give up too much, so he lost everything.

2. With God all things are possible (23-31)

Jesus' disciples were shocked at Jesus' comment. Who, then, is good enough to be saved? Jesus answered, 'No one.' No one can save himself. Salvation is a gift from God. It is indeed hard for men to trust in God rather than in themselves or in their possessions. Even Jesus' disciples, who had left homes and jobs to follow Jesus, could not earn eternal life. But God gives his life freely to all who come with repentant hearts to trust and follow Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, I cannot save myself, so I come to you. I want to follow Jesus and receive the life he gives.

One Word: God gives eternal life and real treasures