Passage: Mark 10:13~16  

Key verse: 15

1. Jesus welcomes children (13-14)

Jesus' disciples thought that Jesus was too busy to spend time with children. Children are powerless. They don't bring in any revenue. They couldn't even understand Jesus' teachings. These children didn't seem to need anything in particular. Their parents just wanted Jesus to touch and bless them. But Jesus welcomed them. Parents today should also bring their children and their sheep to Jesus.

2. Receive the kingdom like a child (15-16)

The children received Jesus' touch of blessing without any reservations or questions. When he took them in his arms, they were happy. They trusted him and received his love. The disciples were pragmatists looking for immediate benefit. They dealt with people politically and struggled with them humanly. They were full of calculations. We must come to Jesus like children, joyfully, knowing that when Jesus touches our lives, we are blessed.

Prayer: Lord, I come to you today like a child. Touch me, and I will be blessed.

One Word: Come to Jesus like a child